Best Night 2017-2018

Schedule at a Glance

TimeHolley HallThe Walkover Gallery & Concert RoomBristol Baptist Church
3:30 pmKids Activities----
5:00 pmMagicians without BordersKaren LuedersCut, Split, & Delivered
6:00 pmSweet TransitionEncantoToo Tall String Band
7:00 pmLittle Mermaid ReviewRichard Ruane & Beth DuquetteGreg Ryan
7:45 pmLoki (Liam Corcoran)
8:00 pmLucy GuyPatrick FitzsimmonsThe Insiders
8:25 pmOpen Mic
8:45 pmBuzz Kuhns
9:05 pmKiley Pratt & Luke Calzini
Approx. 9:30 pmFinal Song
10:00 pmHappy New Year and Safe Travels!



Support Bristol Best Night and its friends by purchasing food at Best Night.

Supper is available at the Bristol Baptist Church starting at 5:00 pm in the basement. Soups, breads, and more is available.

Food and baked treats will also be available in Holley Hall.

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